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Elite Electrology

Electrolysis is the only form of hair removal approved by the FDA to claim true
permanency. It has been around since the late 1800’s and has been widely used and adapted
through the years to achieve freedom from superfluous hair. It is capable of treating any color and size hair on most parts of the body. Electrolysis is a great option for people with 
blonde or
light colored hair and also a wonderful option for post laser cleanup.

With electrolysis, we use a fine, sterile probe inserted into the follicle next to the hair
shaft and apply a small, measured amount of current in order to cauterize the bottom of the
follicle. Once the blood supply to the hair is turned off and the follicle is sterilized, no further
growth can come from the treated area. Each follicle that produces and unwanted hair must be
individually treated, therefore, multiple sessions are necessary to achieve a cleared area of the
body. The amount of treatments necessary and frequency of visits depends on a persons rate
of growth and the amount of hair an individual produces.


If you are suffering with unwanted hair growth, either due to a hormonal imbalance,
genetic predisposition or a number of other possible situations, electrolysis could be the
permanent solution you’ve been searching for. For more information, reach out to an
electrologist in your area to find out if electrolysis is right for you.

Price List:

120 minutes          $160
90 minutes            $135
60 minutes            $80
45 minutes            $70
30 minutes            $55
15 minutes            $45

Call or Text for appointments
Amanda Mauch     209-327-2055
Your permanent hair removal solution

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